sexta-feira, 9 de abril de 2010

"Within This Body"

Curated by Mariam Magsi and Faye Mullen
Deadline: May 15 2010

Call for submission for an exhibition of Performance Art at the *"Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts."* PCVA is an artists' cooperative Gallery in existence since 1996, showcasing the work of senior and emerging artists featuring a wide range of traditional and contemporary art.

Much like naturally inclined elements, the human body is a carcass of memories, vices and virtues. Through structural processes that often push boundaries and test endurance, the human body, time and time again, transcends experiences of hurt and agony and transforms them into opportunities for new awareness and self actualization. Similar to other natural forms, the body repairs itself both internally and outwardly through restoration that may appear to test the limitations of the body, hinging on direct endurance systems that have evolved alongside human development. The human entity is known to be a great threshold for resilience, being able to revitalize the experience of pain into scars that hold substantial significance over the person's soul. It is with this constant recycling of pain and pleasure that humanity moves forward, vigorous as ever in its quest to understand human nature. An inherent part of this process is the creation of visible and/or invisible scars. Manifestations of stress on the human body can take many different shapes and forms, physical and spiritual or psychological; however, it is through the body's constant recycling of the negative into the positive, that we gain insight into the agony and the ecstasy of all that is human.

In accordance with the theme of recycled pain, "The Propeller Centre For The Visual Arts" invites submissions and proposals from local & international
artists for an exhibition of Performance Art to be held on July.18.2010 (Sunday). Proposals should be no longer than two pages in length, with primary focus on endurance and duration. The space outside the immediate entrance of the gallery is also accessible and a floor plan is attached for familiarity with the gallery's interior. Please send all submissions to the following address no later than May.15.2010-:

Propeller Centre For The Visual Arts
984 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M6J 1H1
(416) 504-7142(416) 504-7142

Requirements are as follows-:

-A cheque or money order for $25.00 made out to Propeller Centre for the
Visual Arts with each submission
-A written proposal, no longer than 2 pages, outlining your statement,
intent and a brief visual description of the piece. Kindly limit your
performance to 40 minutes or less.
-Images of recent performances or online links to your work
-C.V and Biography
-Your Technical requirements

Please note that artists are responsible for their own travel costs and are encouraged to apply for assistance from their respective arts councils.

PCVA will be happy to send a formal letter of invitation to the selected
artists; this may be used to secure the necessary assistance.