sexta-feira, 9 de abril de 2010

Anymus Performance Festival XI


ANYMOUS PERFORMANCE XI., Pilsen - Czech republic


ANYMOUS, a non profit community of authors, based in Pilsen , is launching a international call for artists, on the mark of a performing&visual arts festival, that will take place on May 2010 in Pilsen. We're looking for works in the field of performance, live art and visual arts. There is no festival theme or imposed guideline. Our only prerequisite is that the work be above all challenging. We are especially looking for work which breaks with today's trends in art in general, work which wants to discover new territories. Please, if you're interested, send us by e-mail (Deadline: 30th April 2010 ?) your proposal containing a description of the work and budget. We're only looking for works that already had its premiere, and works that will be presented for the first time in Czech republic.

Staying allows realization of all actions inside the town - in the streets, on different places and time. Actions are organized in the centre of the town, which attracts many accidental people - they are the right audience for this type of art. Idea is establish an art feast day, which will be full of unexpected sitautions and participates on mood and impression of the town.

Effort of these actions grounds in variegation of public place - with help of visualisation, satire and different interventions…

The actions are recorded by digital technology, the plan is to create web presentation and multimedia DVD´s present all previous actions which were made during the residency staying.

For further questions or informations, you can send to: