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Closing date is September 30, 2010!
You can also download all following information here (pdf)


The SZPILMAN AWARD is awarded to works
that exist only for a moment or a short period of time.

The purpose of the award is to promote such works whose

forms consist of ephemeral situations.


The SZPILMAN AWARD is awarded annually.

The prize winner receives the Jackpot Stipendium.
This scholarship consists of three parts:

A challenge cup,
10 days of accommodation in Cimochowizna (Poland), and

a sum of money in cash.

The amount of money is dynamic. SZPILMAN is raising money parallel to

the competition. The prize winner receives the money that is raised
until September 30, 2010. The current score may be checked here.

Among the applicants, one award winner will be identified.

The challenge cup will be handed over to the next prize winner

in the subsequent year.


Everyone can apply for the SZPILMAN AWARD.

Both individuals and groups of persons are free to apply.

The work must have been realized between
October 1, 2009, and September 30, 2010.

To apply, send in a significant documentation.

To that, fill in the application form (pdf) with name, e-mail,
telephone, address, title of the work, and date of construction.

Send in application plus significant documentation by post to:
SZPILMAN AWARD, Brunnenstrasse 10, 10119 Berlin, Deutschland

Applications by e-mail are NOT accepted.

Closing date: September 30, 2010 (postmark).

Documentations will NOT be returned.


From October 28 till October 31, 2010
all applications will be looked trough and jugded by the jury.
They will select the best seven and the winner.

The winner will be informed on October 31,
the best in the following week.

In the following year SZPILMAN will organzize a group exhibition
for the selected participants.


In 2010 all applications will be looked through and judged by:

Bernd Euler
Dirk Fleischmann
Lise Harlev
Leonard Kahlcke
Patrick Koch
Tina Kohlmann
Claus Richter
Hank Schmidt in der Beek (prize winner 2009)
Tina Schott
Michal Sznajder

The prize winner will be presented the challenge cup and the Jackpot

Stipendium live at his/her place of residence end of November 2010.


If you have questions please watch the FAQ
or contact us electronically at:


Please send in your application until September 30, 2010 to
SZPILMAN AWARD, Brunnenstrasse 10, 10119 Berlin, Germany.