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EPAF 2010 - Open call for proposals

Agnes Yit

European Performance Art Festival EPAF 2010 7-9 October 2010

Deadline: 15 August 2010

The Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle and the Art and the Present Foundation invite young performance artists (born after 1 January 1975) to submit proposals of performances for the open programme of the European Performance Art Festival EPAF 2010.

The festival will take place from 7 to 9 October 2010 at the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle and in the public space of the city of Warsaw.

Artists invited to participate in the festival will receive board and lodging, the photographic and video documentation of performances presented during the festival, and a fee of 800 PLN.

In order to participate in EPAF 2010, please send an application containing the following:

1) full name, biographical note, address
2) a short description (not more than 100 words each) of two proposed performances – one in public space and one in gallery space – including their expected duration as well as the materials, equipment and space needed
3) video material documenting previous performances – recorded on DVDVideo, MiniDV or VHS with a description containing the title, date and place of the performances
4) 5 photographs documenting previous performances – in digital form, with a description containing the title, date, place and author of the photographs

To receive an application form, please email us at epafwarsaw@gmail.com

Proposals must be submitted by 15 August 2010 personally or by mail to the following address:

EPAF 2010
Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski
ul. Jazdów 2
00-461 Warszawa

The application form must be sent by email at epafwarsaw@gmail.com

Note: The organizers must receive the applications by 15 August 2010.
The materials submitted will not be returned.

The list of artists invited to participate in the festival will be announced by 1 September 2010 at www.epaf-festival.blogspot.com


Closing date is September 30, 2010!
You can also download all following information here (pdf)


The SZPILMAN AWARD is awarded to works
that exist only for a moment or a short period of time.

The purpose of the award is to promote such works whose

forms consist of ephemeral situations.


The SZPILMAN AWARD is awarded annually.

The prize winner receives the Jackpot Stipendium.
This scholarship consists of three parts:

A challenge cup,
10 days of accommodation in Cimochowizna (Poland), and

a sum of money in cash.

The amount of money is dynamic. SZPILMAN is raising money parallel to

the competition. The prize winner receives the money that is raised
until September 30, 2010. The current score may be checked here.

Among the applicants, one award winner will be identified.

The challenge cup will be handed over to the next prize winner

in the subsequent year.


Everyone can apply for the SZPILMAN AWARD.

Both individuals and groups of persons are free to apply.

The work must have been realized between
October 1, 2009, and September 30, 2010.

To apply, send in a significant documentation.

To that, fill in the application form (pdf) with name, e-mail,
telephone, address, title of the work, and date of construction.

Send in application plus significant documentation by post to:
SZPILMAN AWARD, Brunnenstrasse 10, 10119 Berlin, Deutschland

Applications by e-mail are NOT accepted.

Closing date: September 30, 2010 (postmark).

Documentations will NOT be returned.


From October 28 till October 31, 2010
all applications will be looked trough and jugded by the jury.
They will select the best seven and the winner.

The winner will be informed on October 31,
the best in the following week.

In the following year SZPILMAN will organzize a group exhibition
for the selected participants.


In 2010 all applications will be looked through and judged by:

Bernd Euler
Dirk Fleischmann
Lise Harlev
Leonard Kahlcke
Patrick Koch
Tina Kohlmann
Claus Richter
Hank Schmidt in der Beek (prize winner 2009)
Tina Schott
Michal Sznajder

The prize winner will be presented the challenge cup and the Jackpot

Stipendium live at his/her place of residence end of November 2010.


If you have questions please watch the FAQ
or contact us electronically at:


Please send in your application until September 30, 2010 to
SZPILMAN AWARD, Brunnenstrasse 10, 10119 Berlin, Germany.


Direct Action 2010

Call for participation: Direct Action 2010, three day performance event / 3-5 September 2010 / Institut für Alles Mögliche / Berlin, Germany

Deadline Sep. 01, 2010

what is this ...

direct action is a three day performance event at the institut für alles mögliche in berlin. it is dedicated to all people that would like to gather, share ideas, present their things or simply hang out in late summer with people that are devoting their effort in live– performance– and direct– art practices.

when will this take place ...

in late summer when the city has this certain glow and people are not afraid of the winter anymore. on the first weekend of september 03. - 05.09. make sure to order our news to stay informed. (› get news)

how to be part of this ...

everyone can join and present something. there is no curator stopping you from performing your glorious ideas. of course we expect astonishing and delightful presentations in perfect quality but would like to keep all doors open for you and your ideas.

there are three things you still have to do besides being an awesome performer:
–› (1) register: simply use this emailform:
(› register)
–› (2) prepare an a4-pdf with infos about you, your work or something related to your things and send it to us at least 3 days before da2010 starts ...
–› (3) make sure to leave the place the way it was before you came ... seriously!

entrance fee ...

there is no fee to participate. we still expect a donation from participants and audience to make things like this possible. what you give is up to you. the total donation sum will be divided evenly through all participants at the end of the festival.

what we can/cannot provide ...

we can provide our tiny institute, the very small spaces around it, our good will and basic help, a vegie barbecue at night, a tiny vodka bar for little money and hopefully very interesting people to meet in a great atmosphere ...
unfortunately we cannot provide money, technical equipment, transportation or material ... sorry ...

what will happen ...

to be honest we simply don't know - this is probably the exciting thing about it. but we hope to set up a great event with a lot of interesting people, to start a series of joyful events and to form a network of people with similar interests.

thanks for reading all this ... we hope to meet you soon at da2010 ... please make sure to tell all your friends to come along ...



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ArtEvict: Call for performers

ArtEvict: call for performers

ArtEvict is looking for the next wave of body/time based artists (emphasis on liveness) to platform their work at our next event.

ArtEvict is a monthly live art event that takes place in derelict buildings and squats around London, UK. Since its conception in November 2009 ArtEvict has established itself as an open yet critical platform for practicing and emergent artists to present new work with an emphasis on liveness.
Collaborators present their work to both artistic peers and the public for critique, discussion, re-evaluation and enjoyment.

ArtEvict is testament that alternative and multidisciplinary artistic endeavor can and does thrive even (or especially) without institutional resource(s).

If you would like to be involved please have a look at previous events/artists at: www.artevict.com and send a brief proposal and images of your work to: info@artevict.com

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Brandnew Europe Wide Live Art Festival

Exchange Radical Moments! is a brand new Europe-wide festival. It will take place simultaneously in cities across Europe – in Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Latvia, the UK and Austria, among others on 11 November 2011 (11.11.11), showing site-specific interventions, public interventions, performances and live acts. It is the first time that such a festival takes place simultaneously across the continent.

An Open Call will invite artists to present ideas for projects along with a short biography by September 30, 2010.

The period between this open call and the events and actions that will take place on 11 November 2011 forms the ‘exchange phase’ of the project.

Calling for Ideas
Send us now your sketchy project ideas to moments (at) fabrikanten till 30.09.2010. Please, also include a short biography, more details on the Open Call

More on

Exchange Radical Moments!


La expresión más recurrente es la acción e intervenciones fugaces en el entorno. No hay alta tecnología involucrada, sencillamente un diálogo respetuoso con el entorno, un ritual de encuentro con lo esencial.

Dedicamos este doble número de Heterogénesis a este proyecto artístico que ya tiene tres ediciones (2005, 2006 y 2007) y que se puede considerar como un proyecto en desarrollo. Publicamos el diario del proyecto escrito Daniel Acosta en el que va presentando las distintas etapas del proyecto. Martin F Yriart reflexiona sobre el arte performático como comunicación ecológica y su relación con la concepción contemporánea de la ciencia. Clemente Padín presenta las acciones realizadas en el parque ecológico Hudson en la última edición del proyecto conectándolo con la performance como género y el problema ambiental que vivimos. Vicente Zito Lema escribe en torno a las paradojas sobre la dignidad de la vida (el crimen de las guerras por un lado y el “mito” de los derechos humanos por el otro), la pobreza (la riqueza como fin en sí extremada por la ley del mercado y el crimen de la pobreza) y el socorro de la tierra (el peligro de la muerte de la tierra y la necesidad del depertar de conciencias). Finalmente incluimos documentación de las dos acciones que el grupo Limes de Escania ha realizado respondiendo al llamado de Daniel Acosta. Común a todas las contribuciones de esta revista es lo que argumentaba Al Gore en su documental: la conservación del medio ambiente es una cuestión moral.

Ximena Narea

Sitio web del proyecto


Pdf Heterogénesis 59-60

The most frequent expressions are the ephemerae actions and interventions. There is no high level of technologi involved, it is simply a respectful dialogue with the surroundings, a ritual of encountering the essential.

We dedicate this double issue of Heterogénesis to this artistic project which already has three editions (2005, 2006 and 2007) and can be considered a project in progress.

We publish Diary of the Project written by Daniel Acosta, in which he explains the different phases of the project. Martin F Yriart reflects on the performance genre as ecological communication and its relation to the contemporary conception of science. Clemente Padín describes the actions realized in the ecological park Hudson in the last edition of SOS Tierra and connecting the event to the performance genre and the environmental problems we are experiencing now. Vicente Zito Lema writes about the paradoxes and the dignity of life (the crimes of war on one hand and the “myth” of human rights on the other), poverty (richness as an aim in itself in spite of the market laws and the crime of poverty) and the call for help by Earth (the danger of Earth dying and the need to the awakening of the conscience). Finally we show some

documentation from the two actions performed by the group Limes realized in Scania in answer to Acostas’ call. What is in common for every contribution we are publishing in this issue of Heterogénesis is what Al Gore agues in his documentary: to preserve the environment is a moral question.

Ximena Narea

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FESTIVAL SILÊNCIO 2010 - Goethe Institut


Performance duracional por Manuela São Simão e Pedro Lopes, com a colaboração da equipa da Rádio Zero.

16 Junho [performance das 18h30 às 20h30 - jardim e auditório]

22 Junho [Instalação das 18h às 20h - auditório]

FESTIVAL SILÊNCIO 2010 - Goethe Institut em Lisboa

[Jardim dos Sons]

A performance duracional Gibberish foi desenvolvida especificamente para a proposta do Jardim dos Sons, inserido no Festival Silêncio no Instituto Goethe em Lisboa.

Relacionam-se espaços físicos e mentais: o Jardim e Auditório do Instituto, locais distintos e disjuntos, que aqui se interligam através de um percurso proposto entre a improvisação in loco do músico no Jardim, e a (re)acção ao mesmo som numa escrita caligráfica e plástica realizada pela artista visual, no espaço isolado do auditório.

O som improvisado é audível através de rádios distribuídos ao público à entrada do Instituto, produzindo, no jardim, uma camuflagem sonora cuja descontextualização do seu laboratório-jardim, assume o carácter acusmático de um som pensado para ser transmitido em rádios low-fi, característica enfatizada na possibilidade de escuta no espaço indoors do auditório, sob uma certa penumbra.

Isolada do espaço orgânico e da luz do jardim, Manuela São Simão, improvisa uma escrita silenciosa durante duas horas. Um motor montado num pequeno dispositivo-mesa-de-trabalho é programado para uma determinada cadência temporal. A artista intervém e (re)age a partir do som que vai recebendo directamente do músico.

Compondo em tempo real a partir dos sons orgânicos do jardim, das gravações de campo feitas em diversas zonas urbanas da cidade de Lisboa e principalmente das gravações realizadas durante aulas da língua Alemã leccionadas no instituto, o músico Pedro Lopes processa tudo isto compondo um som contínuo, por vezes mais musical, com momentos em que a língua alemã e suas sonoridades específicas são processadas ao ponto de uma certa abstracção, mantendo as suas características estéticas que nos faz reconhecer a língua como tal, mesmo sem por vezes perceber o que está a ser comunicado.

Para ver e/ou ouvir, o desenrolar de um inventário de sons orgânicos e humanos, que pode ser escutado nos vários espaços exteriores e auditório e através de rádios, com a colaboração da equipa da Rádio Zero na criação e transmissão de uma onda micro FM local.





Goethe-Institut Portugal
Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, 37
1169-016 Lisboa
21 882 45 10 | info@lissabon.goethe.org

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Luisa Cunha e Bruce Nauman
Uma Performance e uma conversa

A performance foi iniciada a 20 de Março de 2010, às 19h32.
A conversa terá início no dia 17 de Junho de 2010 à hora da abertura do projecto Luisa Cunha e Bruce Nauman vão estar neste projecto em conversa, numa performance cujo resultado estará patente na face de dois contentores.

One performance and one conversation

The performance took place on March 20, 2010, at 19h32.
The conversation will take place on June 17, 2010, at the project’s opening time.
Luisa Cunha and Bruce Nauman will converse as part of a performance whose result will be exhibited in two containers.

Fernando Ribeiro
Tell me My Name

Tell Me My Name é uma performance executada pelo artista em dois contentores de carga marítima. Dela ficarão vestígios materiais e sensoriais, vestígios esses que remetem para questões relacionadas com a sensualidade e a identidade, e ainda para a (in)determinação sexual,
que decorre quer do facto de ambos os contentores terem a mesma iluminação, quer da informação presente nos vestígios deixados após a realização da performance.

Fernando Ribeiro
Tell Me My Name

Tell Me My Name is a performance undertaken by the artist in two shipping containers. It will leave behind material and sensorial traces which evoke themes related to sensuality and identity and also sexual (in)determination, deriving not only from the fact that both containers have the same lighting, but also from the information enclosed in the traces left by the performance.

Comunicação: 28 Comunicação
Email: prod.p28@pavilhao28.com

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Gesture & Trace

Gesture & Trace

Rochelle Haley

16 – 26 June 2010
Open Residency: 16 – 19 June; 23 – 25 June 2010

Wednesday to Saturday, from 19h to 23h, Drawing Spaces

Performance/ Project Presentation/ Opening:

26 June 2010, 21h, Drawing Spaces


Nuno Oliveira, Fabrice Ziegler, Margarida Chambel and Carlos Farinha

(Coordinators of the project ‘Epipiderme – Encounters around performance’)

Gesture & Trace
In a collision between dance and drawing, the movements of a dancer are transformed into a series of lines drawn live by the artist (Rochelle Haley). Drawing with both hands simultaneously, the artist tracks the movement of two points on the dancer’s body. The drawing is filmed from above and is projected onto a wall via a live feed. Other dancers then use the drawn lines as visual cues to interpret their own movement.

‘Gesture & Trace’ investigates drawing as an embodied and performance based activity. The methodology, maintaining a direct material interaction with the drawn line, explores relationships between the visual graphic mark and dance-based motion. The experimental pairing of dance and drawing provides space to explore complex and figurative interactions between the visual and performing arts. At the heart of this project is the reciprocity between the body, motion and line.

Rochelle Haley is a Sydney based artist working with experimental drawing, installation and performance. She completed a PhD at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. Haley has held several solo exhibitions and has exhibited widely in group shows in Australia, China, Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey. Haley’s work is included in several public collections including the NSW Attorney Generals Department. Recently Haley has been artist in residence at Bundanon, NSW; Creative Paper, Tas; Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia; Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris and Performing Arts Forum, St Erme, France. During 2009 Haley initiated a drawing-based performance collaboration with dancers from ASWARA performed in Kuala Lumpur Jan 2010. An ongoing investigation of this method with Swiss choreographer Marion Ruchti began in Paris in April 2010.

Epipiderme – Encounters around performance’
Nuno Oliveira, Fabrice Ziegler, Margarida Chambel and Carlos Farinha

Drawing Spaces, Fábrica Braço de Prata
Rua da Fábrica do Material de Guerra, nº1, 1950 – 128, Lisbon
Near the riverside, next to ‘25 de Abril’ Plaza (roundabout), just before the ‘Expo’ area entrance
Bus: 28; Train Station: Braço de Prata (Connecting stations: Entrecampos, Roma, Sta. Apolónia).
Public Schedule: Wednesday – Saturday, from 19h to 23h

Website: www.drawingspaces.weebly.com Email: drawingspaces@googlemail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/drawingspaces.espacosdodesenho

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SUMMER UNIVERSITY, july 30st - august 8th 2010


PerformingArtsForum, St. Erme, France www.pa-f.net

The «Universities» at PAF are a project initiated in the year 2005 by a number of artists, theoreticians and practitioners during the initial meeting in PAF. The «Summer University» [SU] in August 2010 is the seventh «University» project organized in the building in St Erme.

The main interest of SU10 is to experiment with and to test the practices PAF is developing and will develop in future: areas of research, modes (methods, procedures, techniques) of production, frames of collaboration, types of projects, discursive engagement by all interested participants. In a few words: all activities that make up knowledge production in the arts, theory and cultural practice, open and specific.

«University» and participation «University» is the term that replaces «Academy» referring to the Renaissance principle of combining research and education in one location. Secondly, it is called «University» because PAF will be open to all areas of knowledge, even though art is the starting point. SU10 isn’t another international summer academy, offering workshops, lec- tures, panels etc. under a representative topic for which participants apply. The participants of SU10 are at the same time its organizers, in that they are proposing, organizing, and taking part in different projects and activities during SU09. In contrast to existing academies SU09 isn’t based on the principle of «pay to learn and teach to earn». Every participant pays the same fee (the equivalent of food, lodging and technical organization) to take part, no matter what competence or specific knowledge he/she can offer. The access to SU10 is open, but more specifically determined by each project/activity. The aim behind the open access and self-organization is to enable parallel heterogeneous research platforms, to experiment with configurations, extensions, transformations, interferences, mergings and forkings of projects/activities.
Preparation & Programme Everyone is invited to propose the project or activity he/she would like to organize within SU10. The only limit of choice is the capacity of the house.

During the SU10 have a cook then, and those days we supply the food (obligatory) 3 meals plus coffee/tea and wine, for 17 euro a day.
This is above the room price of 13 euro per night, so 30 euro a day, during SU10.
Before or after the SU period you only pay the 13 euros per night per person when you stay longer than 5 nights. less than 5 nights the price per person is 15 euro.

From January 2010 on we will introduce an obligatory membership of the association PAF for everybody who stays at paf, for security reasons, of 12 euro membershipfee for one full year. This is above the price for the room . Apart from how often one stays at paf one pays only ones per 12 months for the membership.

How to become a participant? It’s as easy as sending an email with or without a proposal to Jan Ritsema:janritsema@mac.com

PAF is a open and relatively free site (and)
PAF is a nomadic space
PAF tries to stay cheap
PAF has almost no staff
(When PAF would have a staff, the prices would be much higher and the highly appreciated autonomy offered to the participants now would be strongly limited. PAF would no longer make a difference but would become a normal well organised artists residency, where space and material belong to the staffs responsability.)

The highly appreciated autonomy can only be maintained when everybody takes part in the every day maintenance organisation.
In other words: -Don’t leave traces and put things back where you found them.
To be more concrete: - clean up the personal and general dirt you left behind you. - do not colonize space nor information (books, dvd’s etc.), - and keep information, materials, apparatuses and spaces available and moveable.
To say it differently: Make it possible for others, not by retreating, not by withdrawel, or by being modest, on the contrary, making it possible for others is thought as active participation. Through action one offers and opens spaces in which others can take part. One proposes participation in an open rehearsal, a lecture, a conversation, a film or documentairy showing and/or by cleaning up and maintening general space.
In other words: one does. This makes that the doer decides at PAF.

Contact & Information Jan Ritsema / PAF | 15, rue Haute | F-02820 St Erme Outre et Ramecourt T/F +33323801846 | mobile: +33642806901 email: janritsema@mac.com | skype: janritsema | www.pa-f.net

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quinta-feira, 3 de Junho de 2010
20:00 - 21:00 (France)
La rigueur n'est pas une valeur sûre -Cycle d'exposition- Saint Etienne


Procuramos colaboradores para participar numa proposta de performance para internet:



Esta proposta será apresentada no ciclo de exposições organizado pelo artista plástico e director artístico Antoine Reynaud com o título La rigueur n'est pas une valeur sûre, em Saint Etienne, no dia 3 de Junho de 2010.

Das 20h ás 21h, na hora local em França, nesse espaço, estará uma pessoa sentada a cortar as unhas ao público, uma manicure de vestido de noite, e uma segunda pessoa, um construtor civil a pintar uma parede de branco. Um terceiro elemento que estará visível neste espaço será uma impressora.

Quem está a cortar as unhas vai varrendo esses restos para o centro da galeria, enquanto a outra pessoa continua a pintar a parede de branco.

A uma dada altura a impressora começará a funcionar:

Para a realização da acção necessitamos a colaboração de quem estiver interessado em enviar por email registos em papel branco com restos de unhas, cabelos ou qualquer outro elemento orgânico do corpo humano.

A proposta é: fazer qualquer tipo de intervenção sobre papel branco A4, com matéria orgânica humana, passar por scanner esse material e enviar para o e-mail, sincronizando os participantes à mesma hora, com a performance ao vivo.

Na folha deve ter o nome do participante a hora e o local de onde é enviado.

Estas folhas vão sendo instaladas no chão à volta das unhas do público da galeria, criando composições e relações entre o que está a acontecer lá e as acções invisíveis de cada participante.

Agradecemos que nos comuniquem se quiserem participar:
-De maneira a que os vossos nomes constem do material de divulgação
-Para marcar as horas em cada um vai participar conforme o país de origem

Nuno Oliveira e Margarida Chambel, com a colaboração de: Mau Mar Yor, Fausto Grossi, Rocio Boliver, Teresa Huertas, Aisa Boaa, Tzitzi Barrantes...(?)

O e-mail da Galeria em Saint Etienne para qual se deve enviar o material:


Se necesitan colaboradores para participar en una performance vía internet:



Esta propuesta será presentada en el ciclo de exposiciones organizado por el artista plástico y director artístico Antoine Reynaud, titulado: La rigueur n'est pas une valeur sûre, que se celebrará en Saint Etienne, el dia 3 de Junio de 2010.

Desde las 20h hasta las 21h, hora francesa, estará, en el espacio de la galería, una persona preparada para cortar las uñas al público, hará la manicura con un vestido de noche. Una segunda persona, un constructor civil, pintará una pared de blanco. El tercer elemento que estará visible en este espacio, será una impresora.

Quien corta las uñas irá acumulando los restos en el centro da galería al tiempo que la otra persona continua pintando la pared de blanco.

En un momento dado la impresora comenzará a funcionar:

Para la realización de esta acción necesitamos la colaboración de quienes estén interesados en enviar por email los registros, sobre papel blanco, de restos de uñas, cabellos o cualquier otro elemento orgánico del cuerpo humano.

La propuesta es: hacer cualquier tipo de intervención sobre papel blanco A4, con materia orgánica humana, scannear el material y enviarlo por e-mail. De esta manera se sincronizan los participantes con la performance en vivo.

La hoja o el folio, deben llevar el nombre del participante, la hora y la localidad desde donde es enviado.

Estas hojas van siendo instaladas al tiempo que lo son las uñas del público de la galería, creando composiciones y relaciones entre lo que acontece en la galería y las acciones invisibles de cada participante.

Agradeceríamos que nos comunicasen la participación:
-De manera que sus nombres consten en el material de divulgación
-Para marcar las horas en las que cada uno va a participar conforme el país de origen

Nuno Oliveira e Margarida Chambel, con la colaboración de: Mau Mar Yor, Fausto Grossi, Rocio Boliver, Teresa Huertas, Aisa Boaa, Tzitzi Barrantes...(?)

El e-mail de la Galería de Saint Etienne al que deberán enviar el material:


We are looking for participants for the internet performance:



This project will be presented in the exhibition cycle “La rigueur n'est pas une valeur sure”, organized by the artist and artistic director Antoine Reynaud in Saint Étienne, on the 3rd June 2010.

From 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.(French hour), in an art gallery in Saint Étienne, there will be a manicure on a night gown (elegant dress) sitting, cutting the public’s nails, and a civil constructor painting a wall in white. There will be a third element present in the space: a printer.

The manicure, who is cutting the nails, will sweep the cut nails to the center of the gallery, while the other person will keep painting the wall.

At a certain moment the printer will start printing – here we ask for YOUR participation.

If you wish to participate, all you need to do is take a white sheet of paper, size A4 (29,7cmx21cm), and put any kind of organic material from the human body – nails, hair, etc.- on it. Write also your name, the time and place where you did your action. Then scan the sheet of paper and send it by email to the address we will send you. You have to send this email at a certain hour, during the time the performance is happening.

These sheets of paper will arrive by the printer at the place of the performance and will progressively be installed on the floor, around the cut nails, thus creating compositions and relationships between what is happening in the gallery and the actions of each participant.

- Include your names in the publishing material
- Tell you the exact time you have to send the email, due to hour differences

Nuno Oliveira e Margarida Chambel, with the collaboration of: Mau Mar Yor, Fausto Grossi, Rocio Boliver, Teresa Huertas, Aisa Boaa, Tzitzi Barrantes...(?)

The email address of the gallery in St.Étienne: